Restoration of classic cars

  • When restoring classic cars the overhaul of the surface must be carried out very sensitively.
  • Old layers of paint, unwanted layers of sealants and putty are removed from very thin surfaces of sheet metals, often also made of Al alloys.
  • Therefore we choose the method (so called cold blasting) with high pressure water cleaning jets up to 2500 bar. Application: – removal of old coatings, rubbers and sealants
  • For the second stage of cleaning we choose the abrasive blasting method with a fine fraction of corundum. We use a special nozzle at a large angle and very sensitively reduce the pressure to avoid deformation of surfaces, especially hoods and roofs.
  • In the last phase, treatment and closure, we use a special Shopprimer Epoxy varnish on which it is also possible to carry out workshop repairs including welding