The big and small powder coating shop

The powder coating process was invented around 1945 by Daniel Gustin and received US Patent 2538562 in 1945. This process applies an electrostatic coating to an object which is then cured by heat. The finish is harder and tougher than ordinary paints. This process is useful for surface treatments of metals used in many household appliances, aluminum products and automotive components.

The top layer is essential for the quality of the final product, which in the case of our products is the powder varnish, so called komaxit. Komaxit is a modern technology of metal surface treatment that has been used since ancient times. Komaxit is applied to materials that have been pre-cleaned by using the blasting method, which is the most reliable pre-treatment technology ever. The principle is to electrostatically charge the powder and the part to be painted with opposite charges, which makes the powder adhere to the surface of the part to be painted. Subsequently, the varnish is cured in a firing oven at 180°C, which ensures its perfect fixation to the painted product.

The big powder coating shop

  • The dimensions of the big powder coating shop are 8,5 m (l) x 2,7 m (h) x 2,4 m (w)
  • Loading capacity of the conveyor is 3,6 t
  • Modern technology for metal surface treatment
  • Currently, in addition to RAL shades, we also offer special shades of metallics, transparent varnishes, structural surfaces,
  • chrome shades and various surface imitations
  • Paints used for powder coating are tested and meet the strict environmental requirements
  • Some of the paints used for powder coating are even certified to be in contact with dry food and drinking water
  • We apply powder paint even in environments with high corrosion load, such as C5 to CX

The small powder coating

  • The dimensions of the small powder coating shop are 2,4 m (l) x 1,7 m (h) x 1,5 m (w)
  • Loading capacity of the conveyor is 50 kg
  • Powder coatings are applied by spraying in an electrostatic field
  • After the powder coating is applied, the products are being baked in a furnace
  • At 180 – 200 °C the powder melts, hardens and adheres to the surface of the product


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