Thermal spraying, metallization


  • The principle of pressure spraying of molten metal
  • The applied layer has different physical properties from the original sprayed semi-finished product – greater porosity and hardness
  • The applied layer of metal performs an anti-corrosion, renovating or decorative function

Used materials:

  • Anti-corrosion: stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, Zinacor ( ZnAl 85/15 alloy )
  • Renovation: hard metal abrasion resistant: stainless steel, stainless-chromium carbide, wolfram – boron carbide
  • Materials for decorative spraying: nickel, copper, zinc


  • funnels in rock mines
  • conveyor rollers
  • turbine blades stressed by abrasion
  • surfaces of drilling rigs
  • teeth of rotary heads of excavators
  • end blades of dozers
  • the inner layers of pipes and elbows for conducting abrasive substances